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Friends’ Evenings

The Autumn evening on 22nd October was generally held to be a great success. Over 60 people attended, and the Village Hall seems to be a popular venue. Our thanks to the Grayshott Heritage Catering Corps for their lovely selection of cakes and sandwiches, and to Lauren’s team for the liquid refreshments. Thank you as well to those who brought along collection peices or heirlooms to display, and to everyone who attended.
Our next evening will be on Tuesday 5th May 2020, at the Village Hall. Two talks in preparation are Death and Life in Tudor Grayshott and Grayshott’s Traditional Crafts and Trades.
Meanwhile we hope to have a special evening at the Stepping Stones School in Hindhead, probably in March.
As always, if anyone has suggestions for future evenings, or how we can improve things, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Friends’ Christmas Evening

This Christmas we will be hosting a social evening at the Fox & Pelican. The date is set for December 10th. The ticket price is £10 for Friends and £13 for guests. There will be a buffet dinner, complimentary glass of mulled wine or cider (plus the F&P’s usual bar), fun festive quiz, raffle, best Christmas jumper/top award and a Christmas cake bake off. We are also hoping for a celebrity appearance to open the proceedings.
We plan to launch our booklet about the F&P’s history on the evening, and there will be an ‘Ask the Host’ session where you can quiz our resident expert (Richard!) upon any tricky historical mysteries that have puzzled you about Grayshott.
Tickets are limited and are on sale now. You can buy them directly from Business Connections, from Richard, or send us a message through the Contact page.

Guided Walks

We have finished our guided walks for this year. We will certainly repeat them next year if there is enough interest. We now have four walks – Village Shops and Houses, The Medieval Hamlet, Village Trees and A Walk On The Wild Side. The first occasion of the latter was pioneered by a dozen hardy spirits recently, scrambling through some of The Hanger’s ancient woodland, to look at its archaeology and nature. We saw medieval woodbanks, charcoal hearths, sawpits, veteran coppice trees, a hydraulic ram pump, a seepage-step mire and a Saxon boundary marker.
Our walks are free but places are limited; if you are interested in any of them for next year please get in touch through the Contact page and we’ll set a date once we can gauge interest.

New Find – Porcelain Tourist Souvenirs

It may be difficult to imagine now, but for half a century up to WW2 Grayshott was a popular tourist destination. Beauty spots such as Waggoners Wells, Ludshott Common, Whitmore Vale and the Devils Punch Bowl attracted visitors from far and wide. They came by train, with works outings by charabanc, with cycling clubs and by motor. Grayshott was a central point from which to explore, and thrived on their trade, providing a pub, tea rooms, guest houses and shops.

Naturally, like businesses everywhere, their proprietors sought to extract the maximum possible cash from the tourists and offered all manner of souvenirs for purchase. These little porcelain objects, recently acquired by one of our members, are a small selection of such. The crests are entirely imaginary – an attempt by the maker or retailer to add grandeur. That of the Cenotaph has a humorous reference via cannonballs to the ‘shott’ of our name. The Wealden iron industry certainly made most cannons for the army from the 16th century up until the end of the 18th, but there is no truth in the rumour that the ‘shott’ in many local place names derives from it. (In fact, it’s an Old English (ie Saxon) word which approximately means a corner or portion of).

They were sold in places such as the Post Office and Madame Warr’s four shops, which included a milliner, a costumier and a stationary & artists supply outlet. Alexander Whitaker also gave little crested jugs to the village schoolchildren. If you find a small jug with a Grayshott Hall crest upon it then it’s probably one of these.

Some New Articles

Residents of Grayshott may have seen our series of articles in Grayshott Today magazine. For those further afield, we are putting them onto our website on a new page called Grayshott Through the Ages.

Latest Loss – The Golden Hind

The latest building to succumb is the Golden Hind Cafe at Hindhead, more recently known as Cooper Brothers furniture shop. Time and decades of pounding from recent traffic had taken its toll, and the building was sadly beyond economic repair. It was demolished in May 2018

The ‘Golden Hind’ café 1920's

The ‘Golden Hind’ café north of the crossroads in the 1920s, one of the many such establishments along the A3.


Latest Newsletter: Number GH16, June 2019

Our first evening of 2019, a Grayshott Heritage Pub Quiz at the Fox and Pelican, was a great success and enjoyed by over 40 friends.  Thanks to the Fox & Pelican for hosting the event, Ann Myers for the raffle, Jan Bebbington & friends for cakes and not forgetting some great questions from John Childs and Richard Peskett.

The Autumn Friends’ Evening will be on Tuesday October 22nd in the Village Hall and the theme will be ‘Grayshott in 1939‘.  This evening will incorporate our AGM.

We are planning a visit to Huntington House but await a date from the owners.  Huntington House is one of the substantial original local houses and grounds, now restored.  The visit will comprise of a tour of the restored house, a walk around the grounds followed by refreshments.  As soon as a date is confirmed we will contact you with further details.

On August 23rd this year the Fox and Pelican will be celebrating 120 years of serving the village with suitable refreshments.  We hope to produce a small booklet about the history of the pub to mark this occasion.  Our regular feature in ‘Grayshott Today’ in the September issue will also be about the pub.  We hope the pub that will celebrate its birthday in a suitable fashion and will let you know further details when they become available.

Please take time to look at our website, there is often news and new items of interest to look at.  Also, we would be very pleased to receive any offers of articles and other suitable news, finds etc. that can be included.

We have just acquired, from eBay, an original indenture dated 1812 regarding land at Bulls Farm. This is one of the oldest original documents we know of outside Hampshire Records Office. We will put it on the website soon.

We continue our regular monthly presence in ‘Grayshott Today’, highlighting a different aspect of Grayshott history every month.

We are pleased to welcome Helen Vyner as our new representative from the Parish Council.  Ann Myers, the previous representative, has retired after 18 years on the Parish Council but we are very pleased that she has decided to continue as a member of Grayshott Heritage committee.

We are still looking for someone to help us by taking minutes at our meetings.  Please contact us if you can help, we would love to hear from you.

John Childs led a very interesting tree walk around the village on Sunday 26th May as part of Hidden Gardens.  He and his wife Annie also produced a beautiful “Grayshott Village Tree Walk” booklet which was funded by Hidden Gardens of Grayshott.  The booklet is available free of charge at several village shops, the Post Office and the Fox & Pelican.  It has a map, which is easy to follow, for a self-guided walk around the village.

John is planning to do another tree walk in the autumn if there is enough interest. There are also plans for ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’, an energetic scramble around some hidden corners of our woods to explore their nature and history.  Please contact John Childs through our website to register interest in either of these walks:

Following an introduction from Huntington House, Richard Peskett has met with Lizzy Butler (Public Relations, Stepping Stones School) at Undershaw.  They are keen to become more involved with the local community and there are plans for them to host an evening on local history open to our Friends and other local residents.  We hope that through this contact we will be able to become more involved with Hindhead and its history.  We will update you on developments.

Richard Peskett, (Chairman)

Tel: 01428 604862

Liz Cross (Friends’ Secretary)

01428 607169