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New Committee Member Wanted
We are looking for  new committee member to take on the role of Secretary and Press Officer. The duties are straightforward, basically to keep records of our meetings, deal with correspondence (of which there is not much) and liaise with newspapers. If you think you might be interested please get in touch through the Contact page.

Superhero Sherlock Holmes – Undershaw, 7th March
On Wednesday 7th March 7:30pm at Undershaw, the Surrey home of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Prof. Neil McCaw of the University of Winchester will present a talk “Superhero Sherlock Holmes”  as part of a celebration of the heritage and legacy of the great author and his life.  There will be an opportunity to tour the recently renovated building and you are invited to stay for refreshments after the talk.  These events are run by school volunteers and there is a discretionary donation of £10 on the evening to meet costs and support the work of Stepping Stones as a special needs school.   Further information can be found on the school website: or by phoning 01428 609953.  The event will be held in the main hall at Stepping Stones School, Undershaw, Portsmouth Road, Hindhead, GU26 6AQ.   Please park either on-site (limited space) or at the designated parking on the other side of the road at Andrews who kindly allow the use of their premises for events.  No booking is necessary.

Guided Walks – Spring 2018
We are starting to think about repeating our guided walks this spring. As a reminder, we have three walks – Village Trees, Shops & Houses and The Medieval Hamlet. We are thinking of the April/May timescale. If you are interested please get in touch through the Contact page. They are free to members and non-members alike.

Spring Friends’ Evening
The Spring Friends’ Evening has been provisionally scheduled for Tuesday 8th May 2018, at Grayshott Social Club as usual. The topics will include ‘Have I Got News For You’, a light-hearted look at newspaper coverage of Grayshott through the ages. More details nearer the time.

New Find – Some Old Grayshott Deeds
One of our members has acquired a pair of very interesting deeds from two of Grayshott’s old farms. They relate to property once owned by the Cane family, yeoman farmers who had lived in Headley and Grayshott for centuries. Technically they were copyholders, meaning that they held their land as tenants of the lord of the manor. When a tenant was admitted to a property, two deeds were made at the manor court on one sheet of parchment, which was cut in half. One part was held by the lord and the other by the tenant – hence known as the copy-holder. The proof of authenticity is that only the original copy would match the cut. These are the original tenant’s copies. For a more detailed article please see our New Finds page.

Old Grayshott Deeds001

Top, dated 1773, for High Grayshott and Brightness. Bottom, dated 1804, for Bulls Farm.


Latest Newsletter: Number 7, December 2017

The committee would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very Happy Christmas and New Year and to thank you for your support during the past and for the coming year.

Friends Evenings.
Next Friends’ evening will be on Tuesday, May 8th. Programme to be announced near the time. Raffle and refreshments as usual. It is at present being considered to bring forward the November meeting to the end of September with hopefully better weather and somewhat lighter evenings. Any suggestions for future meetings will be gratefully received!

‘Grayshott Today’ magazine.
We are hoping to have a regular presence in this magazine starting with the January issue. Also we will be trying to have more regular publicity in the local press.

New ‘Finds’
Some early property documents have turned up including two deeds ‘High Grayshott’ 1773 and Bulls Farm 1804. High Grayshott is the area we now know as the vicinity of Waggoners Estate.

With much new development now taking place which in turn will no doubt bring more people to the district we are thinking of including Hindhead as part of our area. The two villages have always been closely connected with trade and our fire brigade started life as the ‘Grayshott and Hindhead’, even the ‘Huts Hotel’ was much used by Grayshott residents! The Grayshott postal address was always ‘Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey’ as Hindhead was then the local sorting office from where local mail was despatched. Also the ecclesiastical parish extends to the Hindhead crossroads. This will give us more scope for talks and publishing, interest/involvement with ‘Undershaw’ and the Haslemere Museum.

We will be pleased to receive any thoughts on this.

Hampshire Community Archive Groups.
We have received an invitation to speak about our activities at the next forum to be held March 17th 2018. Good news that we are deemed suitable to present our organisation at this event.

Guided Walks.
We hope to repeat these walks during spring / summer 2018. More details in due course.

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15th December 2017.