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Annual General Meeting – 2021

Last November we ran a virtual AGM, which worked well. We will be doing the same again this year, more details nearer the time.

Parish Council Office Display Board

Grayshott Parish Council has very kindly made two display boards available for our use in their new office on the playing field. They are available for anyone to view whilst the office is open; you can just pop in, you don’t need to be on official council business. We intend to use them to exhibit themed displays which will rotate on a quarterly basis. The current display concerns Grayshott School, which celebrates its 150th anniversary on September 4th. It shows copies of some of the original architect’s drawings, and other snippets of interest. The council has also awarded us a grant towards the cost of providing display materials and preserving them for re-use at subsequent events. Our thanks to the Parish Council for their generosity and support.

Summer Guided Walk Programme

We have dusted off our walk plans and put together a schedule for this summer to mobilise some small-group guided walks. We currently have five routes – Village Centre Shops and Houses, Village Centre Trees, Applegarth, A Walk on the Wild Side and The Medieval Hamlet. Our aim is to host one walk about every fortnight, at varied times and days, to try to create a timetable that works for as many people as possible, and for various levels of stamina. As always, they will be free for Friends, and available to non-members in return for a donation to group funds. So far we have run six walks and we have a short waiting list building for the next two or three. If you’d like to cheer us up by expressing a level of interest please do so via our Contact page.

New Finds – Additions to the Archive

We have several New Finds to report:
– Chairman Richard managed to purchase a most interesting page of photographs from an album of 1898.
– One of our members acquired at auction a view of Kingswood Firs from Apley House, painted by its original owner Edgar Leuchars.
– Malcolm Moodie has sent us some wonderful photos relating to his ancestors, the Harris family of Whitmore and later the proprietor of the village’s bicycle and motorcycle shop.
– John Hilder has kindly donated some historical sales literature of a property in Ladygate.
– We have puchased a photograph of Dickens Farm in Whitmore.
– Grayshott Parish Council has donated a very important collection of documents, including a set of large-scale maps from 1910 covering the entire parish, and some of the archive of local history author Jack Smith.
– Warren Powell-Richards have given us some literatire relating to local planning and the original options studies for the Hindhead tunnel/bypass.
We send our thanks to these generous donors, the like of which we rely upon heavily to enrich our archive.
It will take us a while to properly catalogue and store these items. Meanwhile, we are publishing selected items as feature on this web site and hopefully make some items available for display at future events. Some of them are real treasures and we’ll have to scratch our heads a bit to work out how to present them for you. Take a look at the New Finds page to see the latest feature and the full back-series.

Friends’ Evening – 12th October 2021

We have confirmed our Autumn 2021 Friends’ Evening for Tuesday, 12th October at the Village Hall. We will have all the usual arrangements for your pleasure and comfort – table seating, socialising, refreshments, bar, displays, raffle and talks. So far we have two talks in preparation; Death and Life in Tudor Grayshott and the ever-popular Have I Got News for You! Put the date in your diary and watch this space for hot news!

As always, if anyone has suggestions for future evenings, or how we can improve things, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Fox and Pelican Booklet

We are delighted to announce the publication of our latest booklet, which commemorates the 120th anniversary of the Fox and Pelican. Written by Richard Peskett, it describes how the pub came into existence and became an enduring part of village life. The official launch was conducted at the F&P on Thursday 19th December, attended by an honorary guest in the form of George Bernard Shaw, and several Friends, and we hope will receive some press coverage in the Haslemere Herald. The booklet is available free of charge in the F&P itself and at various outlets around the village. Projects like this are funded entirely by subscriptions and donations, and we make our sincere thanks to all of you who’s support makes them possible.

Fox & Pelican Booklet Cover

The Fox and Pelican booklet, written by Richard Peskett.

Some New Articles

Residents of Grayshott may have seen our series of articles in Grayshott Today magazine. For those further afield, we are putting them onto our website on a new page called Grayshott Through the Ages. You will also find some of them on the Do You Know page.

Latest Loss – The Golden Hind

The latest building to succumb is the Golden Hind Cafe at Hindhead, more recently known as Cooper Brothers furniture shop. Time and decades of pounding from recent traffic had taken its toll, and the building was sadly beyond economic repair. It was demolished in May 2018

The ‘Golden Hind’ café 1920's

The ‘Golden Hind’ café north of the crossroads in the 1920s, one of the many such establishments along the A3.

Latest Newsletter: Number GH16, June 2019

Our first evening of 2019, a Grayshott Heritage Pub Quiz at the Fox and Pelican, was a great success and enjoyed by over 40 friends.  Thanks to the Fox & Pelican for hosting the event, Ann Myers for the raffle, Jan Bebbington & friends for cakes and not forgetting some great questions from John Childs and Richard Peskett.

The Autumn Friends’ Evening will be on Tuesday October 22nd in the Village Hall and the theme will be ‘Grayshott in 1939‘.  This evening will incorporate our AGM.

We are planning a visit to Huntington House but await a date from the owners.  Huntington House is one of the substantial original local houses and grounds, now restored.  The visit will comprise of a tour of the restored house, a walk around the grounds followed by refreshments.  As soon as a date is confirmed we will contact you with further details.

On August 23rd this year the Fox and Pelican will be celebrating 120 years of serving the village with suitable refreshments.  We hope to produce a small booklet about the history of the pub to mark this occasion.  Our regular feature in ‘Grayshott Today’ in the September issue will also be about the pub.  We hope the pub that will celebrate its birthday in a suitable fashion and will let you know further details when they become available.

Please take time to look at our website, there is often news and new items of interest to look at.  Also, we would be very pleased to receive any offers of articles and other suitable news, finds etc. that can be included.

We have just acquired, from eBay, an original indenture dated 1812 regarding land at Bulls Farm. This is one of the oldest original documents we know of outside Hampshire Records Office. We will put it on the website soon.

We continue our regular monthly presence in ‘Grayshott Today’, highlighting a different aspect of Grayshott history every month.

We are pleased to welcome Helen Vyner as our new representative from the Parish Council.  Ann Myers, the previous representative, has retired after 18 years on the Parish Council but we are very pleased that she has decided to continue as a member of Grayshott Heritage committee.

We are still looking for someone to help us by taking minutes at our meetings.  Please contact us if you can help, we would love to hear from you.

John Childs led a very interesting tree walk around the village on Sunday 26th May as part of Hidden Gardens.  He and his wife Annie also produced a beautiful “Grayshott Village Tree Walk” booklet which was funded by Hidden Gardens of Grayshott.  The booklet is available free of charge at several village shops, the Post Office and the Fox & Pelican.  It has a map, which is easy to follow, for a self-guided walk around the village.

John is planning to do another tree walk in the autumn if there is enough interest. There are also plans for ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’, an energetic scramble around some hidden corners of our woods to explore their nature and history.  Please contact John Childs through our website to register interest in either of these walks:

Following an introduction from Huntington House, Richard Peskett has met with Lizzy Butler (Public Relations, Stepping Stones School) at Undershaw.  They are keen to become more involved with the local community and there are plans for them to host an evening on local history open to our Friends and other local residents.  We hope that through this contact we will be able to become more involved with Hindhead and its history.  We will update you on developments.

Richard Peskett, (Chairman)

Tel: 01428 604862

Liz Cross (Friends’ Secretary)

01428 607169