Postcard From Grayshott

Whilst rummaging at a house clearance auction in the wilds of South London Chairman Richard discovered a treasure trove of Edwardian postcards. Many of them were from an Edwardian family who were spending their summer holidays in Grayshott some time during the decade before the First World War. He carefully returned them to the very bottom of the tottering stack of yellowed and crumbling papers. From the back of the saleroom, just as the hammer fell he boldly advanced a suicide bid for the whole lot. Surprisingly there were no other bidders and he managed to secure the entire collection for 75p plus buyer’s premium. Here we present this snapshot of past times.

Tuesday 1st September

Postcard 9a Front

Postcard 9a Back

Postcard 9b Front

Postcard 9b Back

Postcard9 Script

Postcard9 Script2

Postcard9 Script3

Postcard9 Script4

Saturday 22nd August

Postcard 8 Front

Postcard 8 Back

Postcard 8 Script

Postcard 8 Script2

Postcard 8 Script3

Postcard 8 Script4

Postcard 8 Script5

Saturday 15th August

Postcard 7 Front

Postcard 7 Back

Postcard 7 Autowheel

Postcard 7 Script

Postcard 7 Script2

Postcard 7 Script3

Postcard 7 Script4

Postcard 7 Script5

Postcard 7 Script6

Postcard 7 Script7

Postcard 7 Script8

Saturday 8th August

Postcard 6 FrontaPostcard 6 Back

Postcard 6 Paper

Postcard 6 Script

Postcard 6 Script2

Postcard 6 Script3

Saturday 1st August

Postcard 5a Front

Postcard 5a back

Postcard 5b Flo




Saturday 25th July

Postcard 4b

Postcard 4b Back

Postcard 4a

Postcard 4a Back

Postcard 4 Ticket

Postcart 4 script

Postcart 4 script2

Postcart 4 script3

Saturday 18th July

Postcard 3 Front


Postcard 3 script

Postcard 3 script2

Postcard 3 script3

Postcard 3 script4

Saturday 11th July

Postcard 2 F&P

Postcard 2 Back

Madame Warr's Leaflet





Saturday 4th July

Postcard From Grayshott 05072020

Postcard 1 Back

Postcard From Grayshott 4th July